PZO9270-Felldales.jpgNumeria is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign, currently Kevoth-Kul, a despot controlled by a manipulative group of mages who toy with forces they do not understand. None are certain when the Rain of Stars occurred, as Numeria was still a pre-literate, tribal society then, but it was certainly a very long time ago, perhaps even before the Age of Darkness. Nevertheless, such a dramatic and consequential event indelibly burns its way into a people’s collective memory. That night a metal mountain fell from the sky and lit up the plains of Numeria. As it streaked through the atmosphere, the mass broke apart and fell in pieces across the land. Some chunks were the size of a fist, while others were the size of whole towns. The largest chunk is known today as the Silver Mount, and fell near the capital city of Starfall; the city itself derives its name from this event. The fragments gave off a strange radiation that persists to this day, mutating nearby life.

The Rain of Stars is of course ancient history and much has happened since then. Before the Age of Lost Omens, Numeria was a rising power in northeastern Avistan. It was considered the largest, most powerful, and most aggressive of the River Kingdoms (which it was considered a part of at the time), and many thought that it was only a matter of time before the Numerians would unite several neighbouring River Kingdoms and created eastern Avistan’s first true empire.

The death of Aroden and the opening of the Abyssal portal in the north of neighboring Sarkoris in 4606 AR changed all of this. With an increase in the frequency of demonic attacks from the northwest, Numeria gave up its territorial ambitions and focused instead on protecting its borders. At the same time, thousands of refugees fled across the borders from Sarkoris, fleeing the demonic hordes, but found little welcome among the Numerians.

Numeria became an important waystop for crusaders against the demonic horde, including the crusaders building and donating Castle Urion to then-Black Sovereign Traskind Elf-Eye in 4629 ARh1.

Recent decades have seen the rise of a new ruler in Numeria, the man known as the Black Sovereign. Once, the Black Sovereign was a true leader of the people of Numeria called Kevoth-Kul. He was a warlord of great renown whose massive greatsword cleaved through those with whom he could not reason. Kevoth-Kul managed to forge strong alliances between many of the tribes and many of his followers believed that he would push the borders further than they had ever been and forge a stronger nation from Numeria.

Kevoth’s downfall came when he claimed the city of Starfall as his capital and began to listen to the honeyed words of the Technic League, debased technomancers who seek to unlock the powers hidden within the alien artifacts found in the Silver Mount. Kevoth-Kul even began to consume the addictive fluids leaking from Silver Mount. Whatever these substances are, they changed Kevoth-Kul: he became a darker, more brooding man, abandoned his quest to expand Numeria, and instead began indulging in pleasures of the flesh best left unmentioned.


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