Iron Gods

Confronting the Priestess

Baine was home, but his mind seemed still under attack. Mother Guiliana did her best to keep him comfortable and calm, but even the strongest of her divine magics could only prevent him from deteriorating. All that was for it was to once more go under the town in search of the original cause of the Torch going out. Deeper into the complex they explored rooms full of heavier machinery than the labs they had so far seen, this time carefully guarded by teams of orcs and ratfolk all with a clawed gauntlet emblazoned on their chest. Along with the corridors themselves the orcs had a curious prisoner who Dahm recognized as the android spellslinger Daneel, apprentice to Khonnir Baine. Once rescued he added his arcane pistol to their firepower, each shot flaring runes and spitting lighting. He warned of the leader of the group of raiders behind Torch’s predicament, the dangerous and zealous priestess Meyanda, also a fellow android.

Before storming the main reactor room the team confronted Meyanda’s first lieutenant, a mute gargoyle, and faced off against a hulking metal humanoid who spoke in uninflected tones of the “Unity Protocols”. With the correct keycard in hand they assaulted Meyanda’s final bastion in the main reactor. In the fight the android fanatic passed on a vision of the madness of her god to Erreya, who was suddenly taken with visions of a demonic face and massive toothed machine ripping its way up through the earth. In her last act of desperation Meyanda turned her guns on the reactor itself, attempting to detonate it and take her enemies with her in a pyre dedicated to her god Hellion. While not the explosion she hoped for, the radiation leak was enough to overwhelm Arnor. In then end, however, Meyanda fell. Kit, seeing the immediate danger to the town from the unstable reactor, managed to patch enough back together to reinitiate the fail-safes and open the vents, reigniting Torch. With Meyanda subdued they took their prisoner and their wounded and returned to the surface.

Daneel was quick to see the cause of Baine’s continued suffering, and with an injection of his own reprogrammed nanites end the ongoing damage. Mother Guiliana patched Arnor up and healed him of his radiation poisoning. The immediate threats ended the group turned its attention to Meyanda. Erreya’s efforts proved quite fruitful and even the android’s religious zeal was in the end broken. She told of her god Hellion, buried under the debris of Scrapwall, scrounging power and soldiers to eventually unearth a great machine to turn on Silvermount. The android spoke of great injustices done against Hellion by one called Unity, who supposedly resided under the mountain and who Hellion had sworn bloody vengeance against. Troubled by the implications of such a force being grown, the group agreed that further investigation into Scrapwall was going to be necessary. But first, a time to rest and celebrate a town saved, and allies brought safely home.



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